May 4, 2008

“The real test is how investors behave when your company is in transition or is facing a challenge. In those moments, Mercato rose up and helped us access the resources we needed to grow our business.”
– Joe Lowry, Former  Cymphonix CEO

Internet performance, reliability, and stability are crucial factors for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. Untangle (which acquired Cymphonix in 2013) helps users diagnose and resolve Internet traffic problems like bottlenecks, oversaturation of recreational traffic, application performance, optimization of hosted and cloud services, and prioritization of critical traffic. Gone are the days of simple web filtering appliances or shaping bandwidth with a firewall.

Untangle offers a one-stop, one-price, single interface, turnkey Internet management solution that includes network monitoring, Internet traffic analytics, bandwidth management and traffic shaping, application prioritization, cloud optimization, and web filtering. Untangle customers can accurately diagnose and understand every bit of data crossing their circuits, which makes it easy to secure and ensure a highly reliable, highly stable, high-performing Internet connection.

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