Mercato Traverse Ranked as Top Performing Growth Equity Firm

December 15, 2021

Growth investor Mercato Partners Traverse is pleased to have been listed as one of the “Best Performing Growth Fund Managers” both domestically and globally by Preqin, the leading provider of performance data to the alternative asset market. With the objective of providing greater insight into who the most influential and consistent fund managers are, Preqin provides a comprehensive ranking through their flagship Private Equity Online platform.

A fund manager’s ability to perform consistently across multiple funds within an allocation category is a key consideration for investors, institutional and individual. The alternatives data firm indicated that Mercato Traverse – which specializes in delivering alpha to its limited partners through a differentiated strategy of investing in high-growth technology and consumer branded companies in undersourced geographies and supporting growth strategies with authentic post-investment value-add – has one of the most successful growth equity practices. Growth equity fund managers were ranked based on how frequently their investment funds delivered top-quartile performance ranking fund managers by the average quartile ranking of their funds.

Mercato Traverse ranks as a top 5 most consistent growth manager domestically1 and a top 15 growth manager globally1 across all vintages. There are over 4,000 growth managers domestically and 10,000 growth managers globally included in the Preqin database.

This recognition comes as Mercato Traverse is currently raising and deploying its 4th growth fund – targeting the same differentiated strategy. Mercato Traverse has a 14-year track record of exceeding both private and public return benchmarks with a 33.1% pooled net-IRR since inception2.

Mercato Traverse expresses deep appreciation to its portfolio company founders and executives, as well as its limited partners, who have collectively enabled the opportunity and have made this consistent success supporting entrepreneurship possible.





Preqin generates quartile rankings for individual funds according to their investment strategy, geography, and vintage year. Each fund universe constitutes funds with similar types, geographies, and vintage years, enabling quartile rankings to be assigned using a combination of both the new IRR and multiple rankings of each constituent fund. Preqin only assigns quartile rankings to funds that have been investing for three years or more. The lists are restricted to active fund managers that have raised a fund in the past six years or that are currently raising a fund, and have raised at least three funds of a similar strategy. An average quartile ranking is calculated and assigned to each fund manager. Funds are then given a score based on the quartile ranking: top-quartile funds receive a score of 1.00, second-quartile funds are given a score of 2.00 etc., and then an average is taken. The score and resulting list do not seek to endorse the fund managers that are listed, but rather highlight those that have historically had the most consistent top fund performance.



  • Mercato Traverse seeks to invest in capital efficient, high-growth companies with revenues between $10M and $50M – in core sectors including Information Technology, Data, Vertical Software, FinTech, and Branded Consumer – in undersourced and undercapitalized geographies of the United States.
  • Mercato Traverse is actively raising and deploying its fourth growth fund and is open to new investors prior to a final close.



  • Preqin ( Preqin and Mercato Traverse Fund Performance Data are shown through 9/30/2021
  • The IRR data shown is presented net of applicable management fees, administrative expenses and accrued carried interest. Projected or past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  Data shown has been collected from third-party sources, is for informational purposes only and should not be deemed as investment advice or a recommendation to purchase or sell any specific security.  Complete reference data is available from Mercato Partners upon request.​

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