Mercato Partners, Savory Fund, and Restaurant Founders Join Forces to Provide Stability

March 24, 2020

In the face of unprecedented challenges, we are inspired by the examples of leadership we’ve seen both locally and globally. We are proud to join leaders committed to innovating as a means of creating stability and honoring the loyalty of our workforce. The restaurant brands that belong to Mercato Partners Savory Fund are certainly going to experience challenges as a result of the lifestyle changes caused by COVID-19 Quarantine.

The leaders and founders of Mercato Partners, Savory Fund, Swig, Mo’Bettahs Hawaiian Style and R&R BBQ have joined forces to focus efforts on maintaining each brand’s full-time, dedicated staff. We have earmarked an aggregate $1 million to stabilize our workforce and position each restaurant to resume operations in full once social isolation restrictions are lifted. We are immensely proud of our founder-partners and their team members for their courage and efforts in this moment of change. Please enjoy this brief clip, shared yesterday on Fox 13 News in Utah.  We apologize for the quality of the clip, but we couldn’t wait to share the news with each of you. Thank you for your loyalty and your support.


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