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Boosting Our Track Record at Investor Track Day

June 26, 2019

Boosting Our Track Record at Investor Track Day

On the final day of the three-day extravaganza we fondly call Annual Meeting, we invited current and prospective limited partners to the Utah Motorsports Campus for a day of racing, camaraderie and ear-splitting, face-melting, high-speed hot laps. Racers suited up and held on tightly as our Mercato Partners and Savory Fund signature racecars tore around the track. With Audi and Porsche providing the horsepower, Mercato Partners provided the opportunity for an unforgettable experience.

The excitement generated on the track was only the beginning. We also enjoyed challenging each other to Kart races, remote control car races, Boosted Board races, and the race to relaxation provided by a team of on-site massage therapists. It was unforgettable and, to be honest, our faces were sore from all that unrestrained smiling.

Those smiles are evidence of our gratitude. Our limited partners are absolutely essential to us. In order to have the privilege of deploying both capital and growth-stage guidance to our portfolio, we depend entirely on their generosity and trust. We have relationships with investors that last a minimum of ten years, with each moment focused on supporting the creation of lasting enterprise value in each company we select, because we deeply believe in the duty to generate returns and the demonstrated value generated by organic growth. You’ll love the way that our Mercato Partners Team Video sums up our commitment. We invite you to watch the Investor Track Day video highlights to get a small taste of the action. Buckle up and hit play!

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