Roc Nation’s Michael Yormark: My 10 Keys to Success

February 9, 2017

Last April, Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown and president Michael Yormark spoke about their personal and organizational keys to success at Mercato’s Elevate Summit. Elevate brings together executives, industry experts, and thought leaders for a half day of networking and learning about the latest in sales, marketing, talent management, and finance. This year’s Elevate Summit is scheduled for April 18th, so save the date!

The following are the 10 keys to success Michael has used in building companies.

“As you build your company, every one of your employees has to have a passion for what they are doing.”

“Are you in tune with what that culture speaks to? Do you believe that company culture is what it needs to be to be successful?”

“As you establish your vision through your company. You gotta stick to it.”

“It’s a challenge as you grow, but service and accessibility to your key decision makers, to your staff is very important.”

“If you’re building a great brand around you company, tell that story. Get your employees out there to tell it. Motivate them. Inspire them.”

“We take chances at Roc Nation every day. Some of them hit, and some of don’t hit. But you cannot fear as your building your companies.”

“That comes from our top. When I joined Roc Nation, I was looking to work with entrepreneurs who wanted to build something. That is something that JayZ and Jay have instilled in us. There is nothing we can’t accomplish. We believe that.”

“As you think about your own companies and you think about how you approach the market, think about how you are doing things different from your competitors.”

“From the top we’ve mandated to create that family environment, not just internally but with our clients.”

“Promoting health, wellness, and fitness is critical for employees in today’s competitive environment.”


Michael Yormark is the president and chief of branding and strategy for Roc Nation. Michael was previously the president and chief executive officer of the NHL’s Florida Panthers. Roc Nation was founded in 2008 and is a full-service entertainment company inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer, and engineer management; music publishing; touring and merchandising; film and television; new business ventures; and a music label. Roc Nation Sports was launched in 2013 and represents premiere athletes including Robinson Cano and Kevin Durrant.

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