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January 23, 2019

Every year Mercato Partners hosts a unique event. We call it RevGen and it celebrates entrepreneurs who have created growth. We invite growth leaders to meet and mingle, share best practices, and make new connections.

This year we are assembling a group of 25 CEOs who have a track record of outstanding growth leadership. This group, Mercato 25 or M25, will be a cohort of folks who are driving results and setting records.

We will host the 2019 M25 winners at the Thermal Club, an exclusive venue that combines world class racing in a country-club setting for the performance and luxury-minded enthusiast. Attendees will spend time at the BMW Performance Center and learn to drive race-ready BMWs to their limits and explore another meaning of exceptional performance.

We will also hear from two seasoned business leaders who have a great deal of experience in growth: Jeff Kearl, CEO and Chairman at Stance, and Greg Warnock, Founder and Managing Partner at Mercato. Jeff Kearl has a history in racing. Kearl earned his first Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA Championship Title in 2017 and plans to discuss the parallels between being a winning Pirelli Cup driver and running a successful high growth startup.

We are so excited to announce the 2019 M25! Leading up to the event, look out for videos from members of the Performance and Investment Teams. They will highlight what we look for in the M25 as well as why RevGen will be a stellar event. Also, look out for spotlights of the M25 and how they think about driving growth. I will be revealing.

We are excited to honor these individuals and share all of their great accomplishments with our network.


Dasha Trakhimets is an Analyst at Mercato Partners

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